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Nailed it! We've sussed out all the types of artificial nails available!

And so it was on the third day God said, "Let there be nails", and there was.


And everyone said, "What are the point in these?", pointing at their pointers and scratching their heads. And He said,  "Exactly".


But even the Big Man couldn't legislate for the growing demands for impressive and fashionable nails, hence why artificial nails were born not so much out of the ether, but rather out of the ever growing nail salon industry. As techniques and technology for artificial nails improve we’re seeing more and more exciting and indeed, realistic, styles cropping up day to day. 


But what are all these types of nails? Which should I choose? Which are the safest? 


To that we say, “Calm down dear, it’s only an article. Read on...”


Types of Artificial Nails - Acrylic Nails - Secret Salons

Acrylic Nails

A slightly older technique, and a cheaper but still professional option, is acrylic nails. These are durable and strong, but it should be ensured that you get a professional to remove them so you don’t cause any lasting damage. You can get these as a tip or full nail overlay but generally are not the most realistic option available. 



Types of Artificial Nails - Gel Nails - Secret Salons

 Gel Nails

A more realistic option, therefore unsurprisingly slightly dearer, gel nails are a great choice for those looking for a little more comfort and realism. They can be used to fix split or broken nails, or just as a general overlay but aren’t quite as durable as acrylic nails. Once more we should stress that it’s strongly advised to have a professional remove gel nails as they can do lasting damage when removed incorrectly


Solar Nails - Types of Artificial Nails - Secret Salons

 Solar Nails

Solar nails are solar-st year. Actually, they’re not – they are very much still an option across many beauty salons in the UK and for good reason too. Slightly more expensive than acrylic nails as they last longer, they’re quite similar in looks, though they don’t discolour over time. 



Types of Artificial Nails - Sculpted Nails - Secret Salons

 Sculpted Nails

Yes, there’s more! Sculptured nails are either gel or acrylic nails that are sculpted to form a specific shape or length. There are limitations of what they can sculpt – you can’t exactly have a Venus de Milo on the end of your fingertips - but there are plenty of options all the same.



 Wrap Nails

Wrap nails are small thin slices of silk, paper, fibreglass or even linen that can be cut to a specific shape and then attached to the natural fingernail through a glue. They are soft and smooth and therefore the least durable but wrap nails are also the most natural looking of all the artificial fingernails available. Wrap nails are generally less common across the nail salons of the UK, but there’s still plenty of places you can find them. 



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