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Top Ten Tips for Nail Care - The Sequel

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Part two of our top ten tips for nail care - including cuticle care, long nail care and moisturising:

Nail Maintenance Tip six: Cuticle care.


What are cuticles? Well, they’re the eponychium part of the finger. What do you mean that doesn’t clear things up? Ok, ok – cuticles are the layers of dead skin up and around your nails that help hold them in, and are an essential part of nail maintenance. To look after them, soak your hands in warm soapy water for about five minutes, then massage some cuticle cream in. Then your should be able to push them back evenly with a cotton wool bud. Don’t go munching at those dead bits of skin around there – they’re not as appetising as they look.


Nail Maintenance Tip Seven: Moisturisation...for the nation. 


Ok, so this is more of a hand-care tip than a nail tip, but the combo of tidy nails and soft hands are without doubt a winner. Regular moisturising improves your hand’s skin and even protect it against wear and tear – there’s even special hand creams for activities like gardening available out there!


Nail Maintenance Tip Eight: Your nails are not tools.


Try to avoid using your nails like they are some kind of swiss army knife for the finger. Yes they can double up as hand screw drivers, spades, scrapers and all sorts, but this doesn’t exactly do your nails too much good! 


Nail Maintenance Tip Nine: Look after those long nails.


If you’ve gone for the wolverine look and you’ve got some quite lengthy talons on the end of your digits, it’s always a good idea to be extra careful to keep them clean. Studies have shown that longer nails are more susceptible to pathogens and germs that can cause infections. Especially with dangerous viruses on the loose like Swine Flu (though that seems to have gone out of fashion now), you may want to carry around one of the many hand gels available to disinfect when there isn’t soap around.


Nail Maintenance Tip Ten: Enjoy your nails.


Nails are nearly always on show, and they can say a lot about someone – so make the most of them. But don’t let nail care become a chore – enjoy it, and treat yourself with a manicure and pedicure from one of the great beauty salons of the UK. Search our database today and you’re sure to find something you like!



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