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Nail Art Gets Nutty

Nails are more and more becoming works of art in their own right, miniature art at that. They are new outlets of creativity that we at Secret Salons are going crazy over, some of the things people can achieve with some nail polish and a toothpick is just amazing! A 29 year old graphic designer, Melissa Osburn, in the US has taken nail art to a whole new extreme with an ambitious project – to paint her own nails with 365 unique designs in 365 days. Her progress is documented daily and we just couldn’t resist a sneaky peak at her designs, ranging from the inspired to the hilarious. We collaborated a list of our favourites, as well as other favourites from the interwebs – enjoy!


1. ‘Tangled Talons’


 tangled talons









These crazy looking nails were inspired by doodles Osburn used to make when she was younger, connecting dots with lines creating a tangled web of nail polish. For this particular design she used butter LONDON Billy No Mates as the base, painting Essie Matte About You on top of it, and then using American Apparel Hassid and CND Anchor Blue to paint the line art. We think they look fantastic.


 2. ‘We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Boat’


 shark nail art









This fishy design was inspired by shark week on the National Geographic channel and could rival Damien Hurst in shark art work! The base is Miliani Truth or Bare with American Apparel Factory Grey for the sharks skin, and Sally Hansen Professional Lavender Cloud for the white part and the teeth. For the eyes and gills she used American Apparel Hassid and American Apparel Rose Bowl for the gums. We can just hear those infamous Jaws notes in our head now...


 3. ‘Feeling Juicy’


 watermelon nail art











 This quirky design comes from painting the nails bright fuchsia, and painting the tip with a metallic gold varnish. Using a small detailing brush paint wavy lines with a light green paint, then do the same with a slightly darker green. Make sure the waves are evenly spaced so the gold tip can be seen and then voila! Delicious looking nails that we're not sure we could resist biting!


 Impressed by these? Take a look at our Nail Art Gallery for more inspired creations! Or visit Osburn’s blog at daily-nail.blogspot.com


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