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What is a Body Wrap treatment?

what is a body wrap

A great number of the salons on Secret offer a treatment  called a body wrap in many different forms - including slimming body wraps, mud wraps, cellulite wraps and herbal wraps. But what actually is a body wrap?


Body Wrap Types


Well, first and foremost we should stress this is not a type of sandwich. The word wrap seems now, well, wrapped up into that definition but in beauty terms it's entirely different. A body wrap is a great beauty treatment offered by salons and spas alike, aiming to nourish, detox and slim the skin. Different treatments have different benefits - the rather disgusting sounding (but actually fantastically luxurious) algae wrap detoxifies the skin whilst paraffin wraps aim more at medicinal effects.


Types of body wrap include:


  • - Algae
  • - Mud
  • - Oil
  • - Paraffin
  • - Chocolate (yummy!)
  • - Herbal
  • - Clay
  • - Many more customised to individual spas




Effectively, you'll be covered in the oil, mud, lotion or cream relevant to your treatment and wrapped up tightly (not dissimilar to a fajita in many ways) to keep you warm. After around 20-30 minutes this product will have absorbed into the skin and you'll then be rinsed off and possibly enjoy another massage or application of lotion.




It's strongly advised to avoid body wraps if you have claustrophobia, as you'll have little room for manouevre during your body wrap and you may even be left alone for long periods of time. It is also advised not to undergo a body wrap if you suffer from any of the following:


  • - High blood pressure
  • - Hypertension
  • - Diabetes
  • - Eczema
  • - Heart conditions

If you suffer from any other health problems it's definitely worth checking with your doctor before you go.


Anyway, there you have it - body wraps are a simple and effective treatment that many spas spruce up with a bit more luxury, and comes in a variety of prices. Why not browse our salons on Secret  and see what comes up in your local area?



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